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The Word of God the day after Pentecost, the Feast of the Holy Trinity

We are resting now from the hard work of the preparation of the Feast of Pentecost, We and you, for We have been at work as well; We those from heaven, as We took and take care so that you may be able to do, to have power, help and joy in your work, hope and all the support from the sides for such a great and beautiful preparation from you for the guests of the heaven with you, sons in the citadel, oh, for you have little brothers and sisters who have come near you under My cross with you and they become one with you in hard times, and then to the joy that comes after that.

Moreover, behold, sons, all the hearts of those coming at the table have been seized with the holy thrill of the day of feast, and they have been looking at you insatiably, as those coming from heaven as well. And even if you have been few in number and those with you in the fulfilling of My will like you, everything has been only love, only holy joy, especially for those coming at the feast from heaven.

Oh, but there has been, sons, it has been a great groan in satan’s kingdom, dear sons. Satan is afraid, and all who are his are afraid of the trumpet sound, of the spirit of the holy joys. The whole hell has groaned, just as a dragon would groan when its enemies would play on his chest.

Oh, it was a day of terror for satan, sons. We always have work to frighten him completely, for I am the Lamb of the Father and I have the duty to the Father to overcome satan, the antichrist, the false prophet, the dragon, and others who is to be defeated among the enemies of eternity with God of those who are worthy of it between heaven and earth, sons.

Now we are resting for a moment, but we do not let down our weapons, we do not let satan take his head out from under the feet of the victors of the beast with many heads. We are coming together with you at prayer on the day after the Pentecost, and we are praying to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and we are rejoicing the Most Holy One and of one being and life of the maker of Trinity, Whose remembrance we are celebrating today, of the three holy God, your God, the God of the Christians with their whole life, with Me, wholly, sons.

I have blessed your hard work until yesterday for the preparation of the feast. We, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, are blessing your rest after taking care to prepare the festive gathering of the glory of the Holy Spirit, sons. Oh, keep yourselves in the mystery of the first love, dear sons. This holy parable is on earth regarding the life in the hive of the little bees, because a life of hive, this was the life of the first Christians, the first love with God, the love of My church at its beginning on earth, sons.

Oh, the little bees have a lot of wisdom and have the work of perfect order; they have this in their mind and have work all the time and they do not get bored, they do not get tired of working and enriching their hive, oh, and their life is only buzz, only glory, only movement. Oh, and so is the Christian hive as well; the army in which the Spirit of God dwells, Christ with His work and Spirit. This work and its parable, the parable of the hive, bears a great mystery, and this mystery was first worked among them by My early Christians, oh, and they learned it from Jesus Christ, from His life on earth before the Father; they learned it from Me, sons, and then from one another.

I was a Teacher with My life on earth, and whoever had the gift to love Me, to carry My memory and the love for Me, they learned from Me, they sought to be like Me, as I was a child under the will of My Father, under the will and under the hand of My mother Virgin, I, the child of the Father, from everlasting to everlasting under the word of My Father; this is how I was, and the Father was in Me and is in Me, sons, and this means the mystery of the child, a mystery worked by God’s sons, by those who know the Lord as He was, after His conduct before the heaven and the earth, oh, and only God could be and stay as a child on earth and in heaven, to listen, not to violate the word of His Father, oh, only He, and I call the Father My Father, and the Christian men has to call My Father Our Father, for this is what I taught My disciples to call My Father as their Father, that man may learn to have God as his Father, and then man has to submit as I did and to do only My Father’s will. And behold the mystery of the first love! It is that between Me and My Father, oh, and a man cannot do with this love, he cannot be with God, he cannot do this between He and His Father, and then he cannot be between him and My Father, the Father in heaven of My brothers on earth, for to those who believed and believe in Me I gave and give power to become God’s sons and to call My Father their Father.

Oh, how great was and is My love towards man, oh, how great My love is, sons! We are speaking now about this love. I could not ask this from those who passed before the work of My word through My trumpet Virginia. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets3”, r.n.) These had families, fathers and mothers, wives, husbands, children, brothers and sisters, oh, and I could not ask from them this perfection. However, I wrote My book in their time and it can still be read in it about the preparation that I asked them and to which I, the Lord, wanted to reach with a prepared people, so that they might be able to come too and to eat of the tree of life, (Gen: 2/9; 3/22-24), with which I have come now to you and put the fruit on the table for you, sons, (Apoc: 22/2, 14), a long-awaited work and desired by Me to come and to put on earth in the midst of the people of My word. Oh, but I do no longer have the people, the one at that time, which I was teaching so much, with so much longing, to be able to do and want to be with God. The people did not want, oh, it did not want, and then I raised you to be My obedient children and to seek perfection, which has to be now, not then when it has to be rewarded. But until then, the devil has to be defeated, the Christian has to fight against the enemy, with his flesh and nature, and this has to be done by fast and prayer, by a monachal life, clean from sin, oh, and this cannot be done but only with food clean from sin, clean from meat, clean from filthy hands, clean, sons, from everything is in meat, for it is written that in the people of the Lord will be only saints.

I have always been calling so many years over those who have heard My speaking over them and over the earth, and I have been saying: Oh, do no longer seek, do no longer stir, do no longer love sin, wandering man, do no longer have time for sin, dear Christian, and do no longer be idle in the holy work, but rather humble your mind and heart and do not exalt yourself with them to fall from God. First du your duties which you first must bring them before the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and only after that those that are useful to you on earth in your flesh, oh, for the soul is greater than the flesh, son; it is that which keeps your life in the body, and the body owes the soul all the moment, it owes it for life.

I would teach the Christian by saying to him: Hurry, Christian son, hurry to find the eternal life first, not the temporary one, to which you keep working hard and gathering so much. Oh, not in this way, for life is passing and its works remain after that and they will decide for your eternal life, oh, they, inasmuch as your works have power to your salvation. Do everything you can do in this life, only depart from the cause of sin, oh, for the Lord is coming, My dear Christian son, and He is asking you what you have done with you and with Him.

Sons, sons, self-denial, this is what teaches a man everything to come near to Christ, to come to the perfect love, dear sons, the love which was shown on earth as an example for man to follow, for the sons of God and for their conduct of loving sons and obedient to My Father.

On the day after the holy feast of Pentecost, I left in the book for you this little word of comfort, sons. It is the day of the Most Holy Trinity and there is prayer for this day to be brought before the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and then My word on the table of feast.

The powers and the heavenly armies are withdrawing and waiting for a new and holy joy between you and Us, oh, sons. Close the doors, oh, close them, do you hear this?

Sons, My place with you here is greater and greater; however, those who know My waiting for such a long time did not want the preparation for it. Now let their longing come up through prayer, through a spirit of repentance, by much preparation for the Lord’s coming, if by this time they have not understood this request put on the table of My word to pay attention to it.

I want to spare those who may want to come near without a holy garment, as it is mixed with the worldly spirit. My place with you is higher and higher under the protection of the heavenly powers.

Let no one make you move to them, no one else but the word of God upon you! I am the Master and the first to stand alone of this place; I, and not you. Let those who come to you for themselves hear this! I take care of you and I take care of them as well, if they will also learn to listen to God and depart from the spirit and walking of the world and from all the mixture in which they live.

Oh, let us rest, sons! The gate to Me and to you is God’s will, wholly fulfilled by those who want to understand more and more clearly the work and the place of My word with you, a place which is not at the hand of anyone who may want, and if they feel like taking a walk, then they have where to walk on earth, for the time is more and more foggy and obedience to God is needed more than anytime, and protection garment is needed as well for those who seek with the Lord in all these times.

I leave My word as a walking staff for those who walk in its way with their lives. Therefore, My word, this is what they have to seek, those who seek the citadel of My word, of which a spring of word flows over those who want to drink and to have life of My word, full of the spirit of life giving!

May those who have sat with you at the festive table be blessed and have power to fulfill My word, My will for those who sanctify themselves for the Lord! Self-denial is a great lesson for those who may want to do and become sons of God during this time of the fulfilling of the last Scriptures over the earth.

Oh, sons, peace to you! We are sitting at the table with you. The guests from heaven have been greatly comforted. It has been so well and sweet with them to be with Me and with you here, more than in heaven, sons, even if in heaven is so wonderful, so great, as it does not come to the man’s mind those good and beautiful things, only that I, the Lord, I, and all the heavenly ones, We seek for Our rest in man, as man is the Father’s desire, the Son and the Holy Spirit’s. I built the man for Me and he is My rest, and the whole heaven longs after Me rest, after My peace, and I will establish My peace when man will no longer have any enemies between him and Me for love, the love between man and Me, and then I will have again the love which I lost, My rest, My resting temple.

Oh, sons, My love is the fire, which consumes the man inside to My love, and this will remain between man and Me, and there will be union, then I, the Lord, will rest from longing.

Peace to you, sons! We are at the table with you, and then to our withdrawal to the places given by the Father to each one of us, according to the heavenly order.

May the mystery of the first love be with you all, oh, sons!

We now need to welcome the day of feast for My trumpet Virginia and We are going to give comfort for her and for the saints on the day of Sunday of the memorial of all of My saints, in seven days, oh, sons. We are going to speak, We are going to set the word on the table, We are going to be with the feast of her birth, of My trumpet in My gardens with you here, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


The Word of God on the Pentecost Sunday, the Feast of the Descending of the Holy Spirit

It is a great and holy feast in heaven and on earth. The angels are sounding the trumpets; they are sounding for the feast and are sounding for joy, too. The trumpets of the messenger angels are sounding; they are sounding so that the heavenly and angelic hosts may come together and may come in rows above the citadel of God’s word, here, on the hearth of the Romanian people, here, where I, Jesus Christ, the Son and the Word of the Father Sabaoth, have announced the preparation of holy feast, here, where the Holy Spirit, the Counselor, is descending, and from where He is sharing Himself with the things from God that have been prophesied on earth. (John: 15/26; 16/12-14) And on this Sunday of the Pentecost, the eighth after My resurrection from the crucifixion on the cross, the Holy Spirit has His day of feast, the day of His name and work; the day of the new beginning now, after two thousand years, when My love was making its way into the hearts of many people and was raising many, one by one, many disciples, many of them, and many of whom were baptized by the Holy Spirit in His descending then, oh, and love was increasing, the first church was growing, for many were receiving the love to be with Christ and for Him they were leaving father and mother, wives and children, brothers and sisters; they were leaving everything and were dedicating themselves to Christ to be His disciples then, oh, and they were worthy of My love after that, even up to their martyrdom because of My name they bore, oh, and they were My fulfilled Gospel, prophesied to them in the time of My apostleship of three years and a half which they fulfilled with the price of their lives, and their love was great; it was abundant and it brought forth fruit richly, disciples from disciples, because I told them when I went back to the Father that if I had not gone to Him, the Holy Spirit, the Counselor, would have not been able to come to them, the One Whom I had promised to them that would be with them to the end of the time and Who was to give them news and comfort.

Oh, the glory of the Lord is coming! The saints and the angels are coming too, and We are coming in flocks, and each flock with its head in front of them, for this is how in heaven is.

Oh, rejoice, you, heavens, and you, oh, the country of My coming now, in the end of the time over the earth as word, and you, too, citadel of My word on the land of the Romanian people! Oh, rejoice together as the Lord has called you to the spirit of joy, for the heavenly powers are within a holy and comforting commotion in a round dancing above and below around this little patch of land, oh, and such a bedding of feast has been prepared for Us here, and the Holy Spirit is descending and it is celebrated His coming of two thousand years ago over My first disciples, whom I promised this holy gift and I kept My promise and I wrapped them up within this robe, within angelic tongues, the tongues of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter so that they might share them and My love to catch fire in many, the first love, and then this fire might burn in many, oh, and those who were freed from the passing things by looking ahead to eternity with their steps in the time of their bodies burned with longing, for the eternity of everyone starts here, on earth, and then they pass into those that are not seen; the eternal ones pass, for those who love like God are eternal and they are as eternal as He is, and their eternity is with Him, like the love that gave them the way of eternity, the way with Christ, Who is the Father’s love for His sons, for those who have become God’s sons on earth.

Oh, peace to you! Peace to you, sons in the city, gathered here now with those who have come to you as heavenly guests and with those who have stayed near you and put their heart and hand for the covering of the bedding of this feast here now!

Peace to you, peace over you all and peace to the heavenly guests, with whom We have come together to be with you at the feast of the Holy Spirit, for the Holy Spirit has waited for His turn sons, as the Father worked first, then the Son and then the Holy Spirit works, and behold the threefold work of the Most Holy Trinity of God! (Work threefold: From Adam to the first coming of the Son - the Father's. Since first coming to the second - the work of the Son, for the salvation of those who believe in Jesus Christ. Since the second coming - the Word of God (Apoc: 19/13.) - The Holy Spirit, the sanctifying work of the creature, r.n.)

Oh, sons, all the saints are seized with a thrill, all the hosts with which I have come and sat down. Just the fact that I spend time with you on feasts, where I work with you on earth, oh, is a great, great joy for them, for My saints. Rejoice and be glad, you too sons, as now We are preparing the book of the today’s feast and I promised that I would reveal a great mystery, the mystery of the first love, dear sons.

I am going to work with great care. I am going to speak in detail, for I want to be known what has not been able to be spoken by this time, but the mysteries of My Father have to be well perceived; they have to be well known, sons, oh, and that is why one has to speak, then is to be understood and then the way to be chosen, and especially those, who did not have and do not have wisdom, need repentance, oh, and there has been two thousand years of the lack of understanding, even if some without much knowledge have chosen their life with Christ, but now the life with the Lord is very little understood in all its power, and behold, it has not been followed according to the law of the love of God by those who have set themselves apart for the Lord, for man loves himself too much, sons, and he loves his family too much as well, and because of this reason he does not perceive the wisdom of the mysteries of the life with the Lord so that he may be then with God and only with God for his life.

Now, I am reminding of the word of My Gospel and of that of My work over those whom I chose to be My disciples, as in the time of the preparation of the faith and of their heart to follow Me, I was telling them: «He who does not leave for My name mother and father, wife and children, brothers and sisters, riches and ranks and who does not deny himself, cannot be My disciple». (See Matt: 10/37) And again, I was saying: «He who does not hate mother and father, wife and children, all of those in his house and friends, is not worthy of Me! He who loves all of his family more than Me, is not worthy of Me».

My disciples were working hard in their mind and understanding while I was giving upon them the mysteries of My Father in order that they might understand them. They were not able to understand quickly enough; they could not until all those written about Me had been fulfilled, for I revealed Myself to them as much as it was necessary for them to get to know Me, to believe and to follow Me and then to love Me for them, for I said from the very beginning: «You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might, man!». (See Deut: 6/5) Oh, and that was all with My saying, because man chose and chooses other kind of love, like Adam, and he raises followers like him, as Adam did. Man is very much for marrying and giving in marriage to raise descendants for flood, for garbage, for the emptiness of the earthly life, and not for the love of God, for the Lord built the man for Him, but does the man want to know this?

Oh, man, oh man, God is love and Satan is sin, and it is no use for man to get married; it is harmful for him both on earth and after that, after the earthly life. I revealed to My disciples that it is no use for man to get married, and that is well with the one who wants to keep his daughter a virgin and that all who get married will have to go through sufferance and they will not be spared if they do not embrace the holiness at the voice of My Gospel for those who sanctify themselves.

Oh, man’s sons, your children are the proof of your sins, after you also had been conceived in sin by those who gave you birth, and therefore, I said: «Let the children come to Me to be worthy of My kingdom if they come and follow Me, denying everything and then following Me!». I have given them soul at their birth and every man has a duty to Me for the soul he has got in him.

I told the Christians who had part in this word in the first years of My descending as word on earth by My trumpet Virginia and I advised and told them: „Give your children as alms to have part of them in heaven and that the devil may not have any part of them.” (As alms to God, that is to give them to live in monasteries, r.n.) Oh, and they could not do that, even if some of them tried this, because after that they went back to take care of them and they did not leave them where they gave them to be, and all those who went to monasteries finally fell into the world with their lives; they fell because of the mixture with the members of their families, after they had given themselves to Me, for I said: «The man’s enemies are his own family».

Behold, I am telling now a great mystery: The Christian people on earth has to make its disciples and children from among the children of the men’s sons, and to the men’s sons I said: «Let the children come to Me!». (Matt: 19/14)

Oh, let those who are married, let them no longer ask themselves how those, who keep themselves as Christians in their lives, multiply. The Christians have to get spiritual sons from among the children of those who give birth to children, of those who marry and are given in marriage and are in the world with their lives, oh, for I, the Lord, cannot be on the side of those who marry and are given in marriage, for I said that My will is man’s holiness, (Lev: 11/44, 45; 19/2; 20/7; 20/26; Num: 15/40; 1Pet: 1/15, 16) and not a man with a taste for sin in him, for a man does not get married for giving birth to children, but for the taste of sin of which children come out, and then the sin calls man father and mother, and this is how the fruit of the worldly and fleshly man is.

Oh, if God had been pleased with marrying and giving in marriage, I would have no longer said that the man’s enemies are his own family, I would have no longer said that if someone wants to come after Me let him deny of his own family and follow Me as My apostles of that time did, My first church.

In the beginning through Jesus Christ, all those who perceived profoundly My love for man, My coming on earth and My will and their walking with Me, all these would gather under the love of God and all of them would live in a brotherly fellowship and love Me, not being possible to live otherwise but only with God Jesus Christ and all were together day and night in My love and had all in common, and all of them wanted to come near Me first, everyone wanted to be the first, the quickest to come to Me, oh, and all of them loved Me to their martyrdom, which brought them to Me and then they loved Me in heaven for on earth they fulfilled My Gospel with great and much love to the end. As for those, who were getting weak because of their lack of watch, they were falling from love, they were falling in all kinds of weaknesses and then they were getting away from God, while still others did not deny because of the fear of sufferance that came from those who wanted to separate from Me. Oh, and all that time of the Gospel of My love for those who decided to be with Me from among the men’s sons was called the first love and its time, the first Christians, victorious for the treasure of their hearts, for I was their treasure, the One in their hearts comprised in My love for them, because they loved Me so much, they were bounding Me so much with their lives that I redeemed by My death on the cross for them.

Behold the mystery of the first love, the love between the Bridegroom and bride, the heavenly love, and behold marrying and giving in marriage were not and are not for Christians, for those who want to be God’s sons on earth, and all these are for men’s sons, and for Christians is the first love, the lack of the separation between them and Me to their sacrifice, to the martyrdom of My beloved ones.

Sons, sons, I am speaking with you to share the mysteries of My Father over the men’s sons. The true repentance is felt only in those who separated from the Lord after they had loved Him with self-denial, and then after falling, they have cried because of the pain that comes to them and because of their remorse, which bring them to a great repentance by their turning back, oh, and great joy is in heaven when one of My beloved ones separates from Me and then comes back again to Me with great pain, with lots of tears because of the separation which has lasted for such a long time.

Oh, but I have nothing to do and work with those who marry and are given in marriage, as they are the slaves of the sin in them and then they are loved by sin and cannot be Mine, for they are fleshly, they are something else than the sons of God, the sons of the heavenly love.

Oh, I have no longer someone to say: „Come back to the first love!”. Oh, I do no longer have any! Who else separates from sin to be Mine after that and without any sin? The Christian perishes like Adam; he falls from God even from his birth. Sin is the venom that enters a man by satan’s bite, this venomous enemy and by so doing sealing the man, for the exaltation of the mind leads a man to his falling.

I was rejected by the people of Israel, who was a people according to the flesh and not according to the spirit, but behold, in the Romanian country I am welcomed and the Christian people brings those without God to the kingdom of the heavens for in the kingdom of the heavens no one marries or is given in marriage and all are like angels, and behold in My New Jerusalem, too, in My new Israel, the first churchly community, the same as the one at that time, and those, who are worthy of the mystery of the first love, the mystery they have come to understand, neither marry nor are given in marriage.

And as for you, men’s sons, do no longer ask yourselves how does it come for these to multiply and increase if they do not give birth to babies, but rather wonder how the people perish like mere worms under the heel of the lack of love of people, under the feet of the killers of men. And let the Christian people multiply and increase by baptizing the men’s sons in Christ through the Holy Spirit of the Father, and this is what God’s sons have to do, those who choose to live an angelic life on earth. You give marriage and giving in marriage to your sons, and to God’s sons, I give eternal life, to those who come to the baptism with the Holy Spirit, to the mystery of the first love, and the children who are born today are for satan; he takes them as long as they are still small and puts into their hearts the abomination of desolation of the heart in man so that the Lord may no longer get into the heart of the child who is born during this time.

Oh, sons in the citadel of My word, I am with you in the spirit and with the work of the first love. You have left father and mother, you have left wives, husbands and children, you have left brothers and sisters, the world and the walking in the world and stay in My spiritual family, and I, the Lord, in your midst, work the mystery of the resurrection of the dead, dear sons. You are worn out working the time of My Scriptures of nowadays, but the joy which I bring on those asleep, oh, this is great, sons. Behold, what they say to the Lord. Hear what they are saying to Me:

― Oh, what a great grace You have prepared for us here, Lord, how great! Oh, what a sweet church, in which we are remembered before You for our forgiveness and healing from You! What hard work, what an exhaustion brings to You for us those who serve here day and night like some mere disciples totally dedicated to You, for us and for many, and the work and the mystery of the first love is with them here as it was with the first Christians, oh, and glory to You for them, and glory to You for us, for Your mercy for us, oh, Lord!

― Behold, this is how they are speaking to Me at the sight of My citadel with you and of My work for them, sons. All those in this little village, who get rid of their bodies and come into the invisible things of the Lord, all marvel at what they see here for them, oh, and they have never known, as long as they have lived in their bodies, My mystery with you.

And now, I am saying for every soul who has found My will by this word, and I am saying this: If you have found the work of My word and that what I ask from the Christian through it and if you do not seek obediently to fulfill it, to fulfill My word, oh, all these will suffer, for they have a duty from God to fulfill the will which they have found out. Oh, what shall I do to them? How shall I protect them from pains if they do not do God’s will, shown now in the word from heaven coming for this time on earth?

Christian, you suffer and you do not know what you suffer from. You have found My will from Me and you do not do it and exalt yourself higher than God over you instead. What shall I do to you when this is what you are after? If you wanted no longer to suffer, then you would seek no longer to violate My word, by not fulfilling it.

All those who suffer are those who do not do My will, which they know. Those who came later near the word of My word, have remained with a burning, with a greater longing, with a greater desire to fulfill My will, My word, and some of those of old have turned back to their mother and father, to their brothers and sisters, they have children, wives, relatives and they cannot with God, oh, and no one is supposed to follow Me in this way, and I cannot say to anyone of them: „Come back to your first love!”.

I have given you from the Father, sons. Only the one to whom the Father wants to reveal, only that one understands fully the mystery of the Christian life, whose families are only those who do God’s will, their holiness, their resemblance to Me, sons.

Oh, it is a holy feast of Pentecost and I have revealed to you mysteries, the mystery of the first love, the mystery of God’s sons, of My disciples, disciples according to the truth and who do not come back, rather they go and preach the Lord over the men’s sons. Is there any kind of darkness in this word? Oh, there is not! Would satan have mercy to show the people the light of this word?

Oh, receive teaching and walk with wisdom, you, rulers over the nations! Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice over Him trembling; give Him glory and learn the right way, lest you may perish, for God’s wrath is ready to catch fire, be careful!

And as for you, men’s sons, until when are you so hard in your heart, loving emptiness and walking after lies? Oh, tremble and do not sin, and tell these to your hearts, repent in your beds and pray with hope, this is what I am going to tell you.

And now, We are reclining thanking you for worship and for joy, sons. Remain within My love, in the mystery of the first love, sons in the citadel of My word! I have joined the beginning with the end, sons. Stay with faithfulness on the rock! The Holy Spirit the Counselor has comforted you on His day of birth among the disciples, of His work among them and over them, and now He is rejoicing over you, over the mystery of the first love, which is with you, sons.

Be glad and rejoice over the heavenly feast, with the heavenly hosts here, above, and rejoice the Lord, too, sons! Oh, peace to you! Joy to you! We all are reclining with gentleness and are looking at you. Peace to you!

Now, sons, you are going to rest from your hard work that has exhausted you. We remain for you; We remain to watch for you, sons. It is so sweet with you for Us in the feasts; it is great the mystery of the heaven with you, oh, sons. Oh, My place is great, and it is greater and greater, and this is what have not sought to understand those of old who came here unprepared and pressing on My walking with you with their mixture, in which they are, not receiving at that time what the Lord waited from this people nourished from heaven for such a long time.

Come, rest, tired children! You have those in heaven as guests at the table with you, and you are sitting down before them with such a great hospitality.

The Holy Spirit, the Counselor, is giving you gifts and grace and He is clothing you within the white of My saints, for behold, you have prepared for the feast in your white shirts, sewed with thousands and thousands of little crosses, and you are taking after Us for We also have white robes, sons.

Oh, sanctify your life, sanctify the work of your hands so that you may have blessing in the work which you do for the beauty of the heaven with you, sons!

Peace to you again, and again! Peace to you, oh, sons! Amen, amen, amen.


The Word of God on the sixth Sunday after the Holy Passover, of the blind man

Today is Sunday and is a working day of wisdom, a day of rest for the work of the body and it is a working day for the wisdom of life, sons, and I, the Lord, am with you at the table, at the work for the life of My people, for the wisdom of the life and of its mysteries, oh, people of My word. Otherwise I am close to you with My community in the citadel of My word so that you may be able to do, to know, to have and to work, My people, the bedding of the feast of the Pentecost, when I come with My heavenly hosts and when I sit down beautifully in the scenery of the feast to bring up to the Father joy and praise, sweet and great memories, God’s work in time and its great wisdom so that the world of the people may have somewhere to take from and to have the wisdom of life, to have God, Who works so mysteriously, so wonderfully.

Let us put into the book the food for the soul, for the mind, for the faith of the life and mind, dear sons. Peace to you first, as I, the Lord, put down this word when I arrive into your midst, in the midst of My disciples!

And now we are working, sons, and according to God’s work in time the fathers ordained on a day like this in the calendar the sixth Sunday after the Holy Passover, and once with it the memory of My work for the healing of the blind man since birth, oh, and I cannot but be a speaking bishop in the midst of the church and I am speaking over the mind of those on earth who have come to know about God’s works written then at the time when they were being done and which have come to be known by this time.

Oh, sons, what great work is the faith in those that are not seen and are! There is no wiser man than the one who believes in God about those things that he has not come to see, but believes and receives God by faith when the Lords proclaims His works.

Oh, how great are those who believe in the things that come from God, sons, how great! Those who are humble by their nature or humble because of their sins, only those received Me and then followed Me, then and now; however, the proud ones did not want to receive and follow Me, to be My disciples so that I may walk with them and to work from their midst and they to be the witnesses of God’s miracle on earth and the witnesses of God’s wonderful works.

Oh, how was I supposed to go to My coming from the Father then, how should I have gone to the proud ones, who had not been able to receive Me from the Father and follow Me in My walking on earth from place to place? Then I went to the humble ones, I fished the fishermen, for they were humble and poor in spirit so that God might have place in their spirit and mind with His work given from the Father to be set on earth in the sight of those who see with the eyes of the body so that it may go deep down.

Behold the parable of My word at that time and remembered on this Sunday in the church for the teaching of the faith! The blind, remembered today through the Scriptures, had power of faith with the view of the faith that believes. He had no sight at all but he had the faith that it was the thing, which he was not able to see, oh, and he saw with his faith; but a man with good sight who does not have faith is blinder than the one who does not have any sight.

Sons, sons, the wisdom of the things and the time in which one works, this means the spirit that sees, the gift from God among people. And if you do not have this gift and do not see through it, then it comes for you to be helped by someone who has sight, for otherwise you are and walk in the dark otherwise.

Oh, let no one believe that he sees but only if he sees with the gift of faith, for the liars are not those who see, rather are those who lie, for lie is not sight but the dark that attempts to hide within it all so that those who see may not be.

Oh, sons, the man’s sins cover his mind and the sight of his mind and he does not see the mysteries of life. How painful is to see how God works and looks and you do not believe that God is and works! How painful is for you not believe what is clearly seen and to believe that you see that is not what you see! All the darkness of the man’s mind, of his unbelief comes from his lack of self-denial for God’s will, and this kind of man is without wisdom and does his own will.

When a man sins against God, he does his will and the will of the one who serves for his own will and this is easy to be understood. When a man does not work sin, he chooses to do God’s will, not the devil’s will, for sin is the devil’s will; sin is the man’s separation from Me for his own will, and My voice keeps on exhorting the one who does his own will.

Oh, that is why I am coming now on earth as word, for I am coming to exhort the man against the sin, which separates him from God, for it is the time to start the judgment, oh, and I have mercy on all sinners who do not have mercy for themselves but only towards sin to care for it inside of them.

The man who works his own will does not have a sound mind, for it has in it the feeling of guilt for his will; he has it without his knowing, and his mind is weakened and does not help him if it is weak. Oh, therefore, it would be good for the man to know what he wants and what he chooses because his mind keeps him undecided, it keeps him under control, man works sin and then he prays to God for his forgiveness. Oh, if he did not sin, he would no longer pray for the forgiveness of his sins and would pray only for My will in him.

Oh, sons, oh, sons, a man cannot dedicate himself to God because he does not deny his will and the work of his will and that is why he cannot be an obedient son to God, and if he cannot, he continues to remain in his will, even if he does know from Me My will for him. However, he wants to be in control with his will and I have to tell him always what I want from him to do on earth.

Oh, sons, the one who leaves Me, he who leaves the work of this word and the people, that one leaves in order to do his will and then he does it. And the one who keeps on doing his will within My presence, working of victory against satan and against sin, oh, that one is not, that one does not submit to it but stays like one who would not stay or have God for His will in him because he chooses to do his will, the will against God’s will and for which he prays to Me for his forgiveness, and he does his will again as he chooses to be and to do.

Oh, sons, man does not know what kind of his conduct goes up to God on his behalf; he does not know and has no mind when he says to himself that his conduct towards God is otherwise than that towards his fellow men, towards his parents and brothers, towards everything that has a living being, and towards God’s whole creation.

Oh, man, it is not as you may want to believe! Your whole conduct is seen by God all the time and the Lord gives you a grade for it and you cannot deceive Him with your hypocrisy, when you stand before Him with you and for you, for your conduct with the Lord, and woe to those who behave with hypocrisy towards his neighbors and God for the share of the hypocrites is very painful because I did not created the man in this way, but when he pulls himself out of My hand, he does this to do the evil things he desires, for the spirit of pride is the guide of those who do not listen to God’s will for them.

Behold, I am the only One Who remains in the will of My Father if I am His true Son. I have never come out of His will, of His movement, and I do everything He does for I do not do My will but the will of My Father Who has sent Me. I am His Son because I am in Him and in His will, and this is what I have taught those who want to be My Father’s and I have told them to say: «Father, may Your will be done!». (Matt: 6/10) Oh, in these do I find pleasure, I find My will and My Father’s and they are those who see, believe and understand, and they work God over them and for them. And all others are weak with respect to this love and are hypocrites when they cannot do God’s will, not their will, oh, and those are fool, who do not believe even if they see what it would have to be believed, and not long ago I have whispered by the working spirit and I said here: It is not those in the mental hospital that are fool, for these are holy as they are tormented by man and God’s enemy, but are fools those who do their will against God’s will in them, when they say that are sound and have wisdom and do not need God; they do not need Him as though He does not exist, oh, and it is written: «The fool says that there is no God». (Ps: 14/1 - 14 MT = 13 LXX) and that is why he does his own will and not God’s.

Oh, sons, learn from Me to have a healthy sight! I have much to speak about this and then you are to put into action the word of wisdom for those who believe without seeing, because a greater sight than the faith that works miracles, oh, what can be greater than this sight?

Oh, you do not have to see God, but you only have to work Him over you and then have Him and this means to prove that you have God, that you have faith, then that you are like Him and show Him as He is, as He is gentle and humble in his heart, and all those who are like that, like Him, these are those who believe in Him, these are God’s sons.

Sons, sons, we are renewing the blessing for the preparation of the joy and the cheerfulness of the Pentecost feast. Be God’s sons by working His will, working the Lord upon you with His will with which the Lord is at you! It is not right for a man, who does his own will, to think that he is wise, and does not do God’s will by his will. Therefore, ask for the Lord upon you and for you; I to live in you and not you sons, oh, not you, and then you live, sons.

Put into action the word of My wisdom, sons! Let the humble become wise in their heart, and let those who are wise in their eyes lose their mind, poor of them!

Oh, God’s men are no longer, there are no more people like that! Therefore, I am coming and I am coming in a hurry and I always come, for more than anytime I have to protect My flock which I still have, and I do it by the word spoken over it and for it; this is how I keep it and this is how I protect it.

You should work with joy for the preparation of the meeting of the heaven with the earth here, with you, on a day of the feast of Pentecost, sons. The power of God will be poured out over the earth on that great and holy day full of victory against the enemy devil and against satan, for the devil has to be afraid; he has to be afraid of God, of the Creator of the heaven and earth.

I am embracing you now within the word, sons, and within My peace. Peace to you! I am with you here, I am working with you and I am taking care of you, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.