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The Word of God on the third Sunday of the Lent, of the Holy Cross

I am coming down with groups of saints and angels between heaven and earth, I am setting the table of word in the citadel of My word on the hearth of the Romanian people and I am dedicating the sitting at the table with the sign of the holy cross, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, according to the state and the setting of the glory of the Lord, for the Father is above, the Son is down at the Father’s bosom and the Holy Spirit is placed on the left and right side within God’s trinity work, and behold the name of the holy cross, God placed in this way, as I was put on the altar of My sacrifice, on the cross, which I, the Lord, sanctified by My laying on it, nailed to it by My enemies, and I and it, I and the cross, remained then the consolation of those who believe and follow the way with the Lord, the way of the cross, the most comforting rest for the soul of the man who loves and longs after the Lord on earth all his life, with the cross of his life, and there is no other walk on the way of the man’s life with God, but it is the man’s separation from God for his own will, oh, and the earth is full of people against God with their life, and even with enemies of the Lord and of His great and holy name, of the One Who made the heaven, the earth and the man, oh and those who love their will and the walking with sin on earth cannot be otherwise.

Oh, man is weak; he is very weak and inclined to sin, and that is why he does not want God to be with him on the way of his life, for sin makes man to be ashamed before God and before men, just as it happened in paradise, after man, made by God, worshipped sin and gave himself to the disobedience to God the Maker, for I placed the man and his wife in paradise, but they did not listen with their lives to God, and therefore they separated from Me by disobedience, oh, and after that Adam was ashamed of Me to see him naked and he was afraid too, and from that moment on, I did no longer appear before him, lest he might be ashamed even more and be more oppressed because of his nakedness that he felt, for this is what sin makes in man; it fills him with shame, with the need of hiding, oh, and from then on I was no longer seen by man, and this is how I have stayed, and man only heard Me in paradise; he heard My walking, My movement and My word with which I was speaking, and that is all, and since then I have remained in God’s invisible things up to this day; however, man has always committed sin and been ashamed of God and man, for the sin and the joy for sin cause man to keep hiding and being ashamed, and behold, it is a shame for man to sin and he has been hiding with his shame like Adam in paradise, oh, and behold what great coldness, what a thick border; an insurmountable wall was placed between man and God because of sin, after man had no longer remained on God’s side with his life, with the cross of his life.

Oh, man, you do no longer know to make friends of your soul heavy with your sin, you do no longer know that, and you need so much comfort for the heaviness of your soul, for you have always been under a burden and it grows once with your sinning, with your separation from God for sin. To know how to make friends for your soul means to be like the one with whom you want to be friend, because friendship does not last; the spirit of friendship in those who do not take after each other is not the same, because man makes his closeness only to sin, and sin is his enemy. Oh, and you cannot make God your warm and close friend either if you do not want to do His will, to take after Him and be very carefully for this.

Behold, the woman who believes that she loves a man, oh, poor of her and of him, that one pushes him away to the misery of sin, with her heart and body after that, for there is nothing else; it is not love but only the sin that incites the man to do it and man departs man from God for it, for sin and towards sin, oh, and this is the face of the world of men, and is totally against the carrying of the cross of life, and behold, behold, a three-year old child has more reason than a man whose mind and heart is inclined only for sin, to the love of sin, and that is why I, the Lord, said that the kingdom of God belongs to children and to those like them, who are not search after sin, who do not love sin, and he who loves sin seeks after his separation from God, for I am without sin, and that is why man does not want Me, oh, and I remain to mourn behind the man who keeps on separating from Me for sin, and the way of the cross is the way with God on it, and those who sanctify for it walk on it.

And now I am writing a great mystery in the book of My word and I am saying this for those who have a mind to understand with it, and here it is what I am saying: He who unites with My body and blood should no longer unite with other bodies, for he who shares with Me is My bride, and My bride has to be faithful to Me, oh, but where is found such a great love of God, such mercy for My wounds borne for My bride, such faithfulness?

Behold, those who take the Holy Communion, eat all kinds of bodies, those who partake of the Lord's body and blood when they go to church, and I am mixed by man with all the things he likes on earth, and I have come to be like man, for this is what he wants to do with God, this is how he has got used to; that is, to walk on the way without a cross with Me, without a holy stature, without any resemblance with Me, with the One Who told man what to eat (Genesis: 1/29.) after He had made him, but man did not want it that way.

When I, the Lord, want to be merciful with the man, who had gone wrong, to clean him from the sin committed, he does not receive Me with his door wide open, he is troubled, he is restless, he stirs the feeling of his heart and by no means does he rejoice that I come to save him from those that oppress him, and which satan writes in the book of sinful man. The man did not recognize his sin in paradise, which made him to be ashamed then, and urged him to hide with it, but, on the contrary, he blamed God and blamed the satan serpent, and he did not admit his guilt and to be sorry and to bow for the forgiveness that comes by repentance. I had to come down from near the Father, to be born in a human body and to assume the guilt which man cannot assume, oh, and in this way, I showed how much mockery man brings against God when he does not assume the sin, he has committed to ask the Lord for forgiveness, from the One Who has the power to forgive the man’s sins.

Satan always, always writes down the man’s things, which are not according to God’s will in man, and satan writes because he has things to write, and the man’s mind does not care for his things gathered from satan and mourn for the forgiveness from the Lord so that he may not mourn in the end, for he who mourns in due time, that one sanctifies himself for God, and this is seen then in his humbled and proper conduct, by his love of God and neighbors, by a holy fellowship with Christ’s church, oh, because for two thousand years, satan has been striking against My church to dirty it, to take its watching away, to lead it to the pleasures foreign to the way of the cross, and I am watching with those in heaven to destroy satan’s work, to put away his guard, only that man does his own will, and with it, he presses on the cross which I have been carrying for two thousand years for the destiny of My church on God’s side so that it may not perish through the work of the malicious satan.

Oh, well satan, well, for two thousand years you have been struggling, you keep on wriggling around the body of My church, and I, the Lord, am getting ready to defeat you and to bring you to shame, even if I do not have now any help from the Christians and from their rulers, for behold, My Romania, the country of My second coming from the Father as word on earth, has in the divan from above some from among those who do not love the Lord because they love their greatness and are not God’s confessors, as the old Christian princes of this people were. For behold the prince of Romanians, the confessor with his entire house for faith and for the cross, the prince Brâncoveanu, the martyr surrounded by his children who had been martyred in front of his eyes by the pagans because of their faith in Jesus Christ, in the cross, in the work of the fathers’ church and in all the holy truth.

Behold such a beautiful Christian in front of the country, a prince with Christ in his soul and deed for his people, the Romanian people, a true ruler and faithful to his people, a chief who laid his life for the country and for the people, and who did not deny this high honor of martyr for the protection of his church and people!

Oh, and here is what are doing those of today, who are sitting on the divan of the country, for they are selling the country with its entire people to the foreigners! However, in spite of all these pains, I am getting ready to put you to shame and to defeat you, satan, who want to throw down My vine and its surrounding hedge, and I will do this to you because it is written in the Scriptures that the Christ, the Lamb of God, will overcome you, that He will overcome all those who stand against God, all the antichrists, great or small, that He will proclaim in a loud voice that God is and that they are the rebellious ones, and that it will be as then when the Romanian prince, Mircea, told the enemy, who was asking him to bow before him and submit his country; he told him that he was an enemy and that he would be defeated, and it was so, for these princes had the cross and had the victory through it.

Oh, there are still great souls in the Romanian people; there are still some, and I will wake them up to watching and to the praying with power in it, and you will surely be defeated, satan, and you will be brought to shame by the Lamb of God, by Jesus Christ, of Whose name you are afraid, and about which you do no longer want to hear on earth, but what shall I do to you? This is your destiny: to be defeated by Christ, by the One Whom you cannot overcome, oh, and you will be overcome by the steadfast Christians as well, by those with the cross on their chest, by the power of the cross, which fights for them against you. Did you hear? Oh, and you will keep hearing the One Who has victory against you, satan, and do not forget that My today’s country, to which I am coming as word now, is the country in which you lose, because this is written to be, and that is why, go away, go into places without God, go and wait for Me there to give you what you have worked! Did you hear? Go away, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is telling you! Amen.

Behold, the name and the power of the holy cross works this way in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and do not forget, Romanian people, the sign and the power of the holy cross, for with this sign I will appear as two thousand years ago, and with the sign of the Son of Man, as it is written, with the cross, which kills satan.

You, those who do not know God, and who have made room to sit over the Romanian people, oh, learn who God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are and the power of the holy cross! Oh, do no longer wander away on to the side of the spirit of lie with a hidden face, for people do not die of microbes, rather they die because of sin, for there was no greater microbe than sin and there will never be one.

Behold, you have set yourself at the service of lie and make the people kneel before it. (By all kinds of restrictions which “would stop the pandemic,” r.n.) Repent and wake up and do not give the people over to mockery, oh, because what you are doing is seen. It is sin to receive order from the foreigners of your people, and who are not on your side, and you know that they are enemies under a robe, which is hidden from your eyes. Oh, leave the people to be able to work for their destiny in its country! Have mercy on the people, after whose word you sit at the helm over the nation!

Oh, have mercy on the children! What will happen to the children that are being born now? Children are born and the whirlwind comes and takes them away, because they are taken by the man who opposes God, that is satan, who is well hidden so that he may not be seen, and from where he gives orders over the earth, over the nations, and you play into his hands. Oh, no! Do no longer make mistakes! Let the Christians go to church! Let them do this, for you have made a mistake by touching the work of God! Romania is a Christian country and it has the Lord, Jesus Christ, at its helm, and it also has the cross, as the weapon of victory in battle against satan.

I am calling out to you so that you may hear Me! Oh, hear Me! You, those who are sitting on high seats, be faithful to My word upon you, and by which I am calling out to you to hear Me! I am getting ready to release signs and work holy miracles to turn you back with your face to God and with your ear to God’s voice, Who is calling to you, for I, the Lord, have to fulfill what I speak.

Now, I am laying down the feather and I am leaving the table of word before those who are taking from it to listen or not to listen to My word. However, I have been speaking now over the earth and over the people in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and I am giving hope to the Christian people, and the whole heaven is waiting for My and its victory against the man who is working against God, satan.

And lift up the faith, the cross and the holy life, Romanian sons, Christian sons, and let the spirit of repentance comprise within it the Christian people, because is time for fasting and for the praying for the spirit of resurrection, and I, the Lord, this is how I overcame; I overcame by faith and by the cross, and this is how My Christians overcome, too; they, too, overcome like their Lord.

And now, I am leaving over you the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, and His comfort over those who are good and faithful to God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen, amen, amen.


The Word of God on the second Sunday of the Lent, of the Saint Gregory of Palamas

Oh, My name is great and it is also great My word over this citadel, the Lord’s citadel, and the Lord is praised in the citadel, in His holy mountain, as it is written, a citadel well-founded, a beautiful height, to the joy of the whole earth, the Mount of Zion, a tower of refuge, defended by the Lord, and at which kings will marvel and tremble with birth pains, for the Lord has founded this citadel to shepherd from its midst the nations to the margins of the earth as a merciful One, and behold My word for the protection of God’s kingdom on earth, of the Christian people, well-faithful to God, because as in the time of the prophet Elijah, the sons of the Christian people want to forsake the holy covenant of God’s sons, the ordinances, the prophecies and My yesterday and today’s word, for the Baal of today, like the old one, seeks to strip them of the spirit of the fatherly and ancestral faith, and how can I, the Lord, be able to stay without speaking or rebuking this audacity of the antichrist man? For behold, he uses all of his tricks to put his cursed mark on the bodies, (Apoc: 13/16) even on those who are sealed by baptism through the ancestral church with the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit! However, there are in heaven a great army of saints and confessing martyrs for God and for the right faith, and the antichrist man will fail, the hidden enemy, who sends secret orders over those who do not know him and do not see him from where he works to send on the earth, and even upon My church, his thing against God, his cursed seal, and with it, the whole opposition against God and against God’s sons.

Oh, this Sunday, the second, is a day of the confessing of the holy faith, when the true church remembers its confessor, the hierarch Gregory of the Thessalonica, the one who stood against the enemies of the faith and showed the strength and the truth upon the church in time of danger against the ancestral faith, left by those who allowed by God to strengthen and to write this letter of encouraging of the Christian flock, and of its fulfillment over My church, for Christ’s church has to strengthen and make better the holy fulfillments, not to spoil or weaken them. It has to exactly the walking left by the saints and fathers, by the revelations from God for a better Christian life and holier and holier, for the revelations from God come to fulfill even better the life and protection of the Christian life, and the victory against its enemies, following day by day the consummation of its mystery, the mystery of Christ’s church, for if anything comes and causes it to wither, to shrink or to cut out of accomplishments, oh, it is from the enemy devil the corruption that comes to knock at the door and to enter, and the way of the Lord must be kept, it must be removed from the midst of the church the wandering which may want to come in, for the times are coming to an end and there must be a better fulfillment of the life of a son of God, oh, for the judgment comes and it begins with God’s house, as it is written, and I, the Lord, am coming to wake up My flock to watch, for the enemy is at the door, ready to come in and to tear My flock so that I may no longer have it whole and that I may not be able to gather it from the thorns and from the today’s wandering. And this is why I keep calling out at the servants at the altars, who stand in My name in front of the Christian flock, for they would be to hear and gather in one spirit if they are not unfit for the service that they have chosen, and then to sound and gather the flock and keep it awake for the coming of the heavenly Master, Who cannot fail to come if it is written to come and graze His flock, to gather it from everywhere where it lies in ignorance and in ways unknown to it, and then to ask her about its works, but also to ask its shepherds whether they have shepherded it, whether they have watched for its life. In addition, this is why, I, the Lord tell them again and again:

Oh, from time to time, take down from you, take off the glittering canonicals, with which you keep adorning yourselves in front of the flock so that it may honor you, and then take the bag with holy words and with the food for the soul, and take the staff of the ancestral faith and go with it and search the life and the fulfillment of Christian of My church. Oh, go from place to place; go with the staff of My mercy of their souls. Leave in order to find the sheep caught in the thistles and drive them back into My fold, as two thousand years ago I said that I want to gather them and make only one flock, only one kind all of it, grazed by only one shepherd, as I said, (John: 10/16) oh, and I ask you to be My workers as I was, and as the hierarch Gregory was, the one remembered today as an example for you, to do what he did for the protection of My church and for the expulsion of the enemies of the Christian dogmas and of the one truth, for this servant watched for truth and rose up in the time of the attack against My church, took out his weapons and made war against the enemies and kept on the side of the Lord the truth and the Christian flock and My church.

Oh, remember that you forgot your duty, that you did not work the grazing of the sheep, and that the sheep got lost more and more, as they have been taken by the wolves as I said that it would happen with them, with My sheep. Oh, remember that you forgot this duty, under which you have entered yourselves, and now, I, the Lord, ask for your fruit, I ask you to give an account for the sheep and for their lives, for I am the Shepherd, the Shepherd with the cross, the poor One of all those on earth, and Who laid His life for the sheep. You have obtained earthly papers, on which you have your names written and the duties of the shepherds of My sheep, and you have diplomas of theologians, oh, and what answer can you give to God the Word, Whose name is written on your diplomas. These diplomas charge you with great duties to God and to the flock over which you sit as shepherds, oh, and what bitterness you will bear on your body and in your spirit for idleness, if you have not worked, if do not work so that the sheep may not perish or if you do not repent from these sins to work then according to the duty that is upon you!

Behold the disciple celebrated today through the church! He burned with a wound, he burned with zeal for the holy work, the work of a disciple of Jesus Christ, and he watched and suffered watching and believing in the victory for the faith, oh, and he overcame against the enemies of My church and grazed My flock like a perfect disciple, like his Teacher, Jesus Christ, and no otherwise.

Oh, did you wander, do you wonder what and how your work regarding My flock, of My church is? Behold, I am asking you, and I am asking you about the flock to give Me an answer for it, and which for a thousand years went away and have kept on going to the sides, (By the separation of the Western Church – the Catholic one, from the Eastern Church, the Orthodox one, r.n.), and then it broke to pieces and has no longer watched or looked back, except with judgment, and it fell into the sin of judgment because it has not got merciful shepherds in front of it to take it out to graze it and to rebuke the wolves and beasts so that they may not come to it and take the sheep from the fold, one by one, and to sell them to the foreigners.

Oh, wake up, oh, wake up at the voice of the Great Shepherd, Who searches His flock and calls you to give an answer! I am coming to you to sit in a heavenly council. The flock is no longer grazed, it does not work its holiness so that My flock may take after Me, and I said: «They will be like Him!»

Behold, gather yourselves in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and keep a holy council, for the enemy spirit of the antichrist man, wields his stake to catch under its rattle the sons of My church, those who do not watch and are not watched, and even you, if you do not watch, if you do not wake up to watch against My enemies and of My church.

Oh, seek to understand why I come on earth as word so that you may believe then in My word, in the Word of God, (Apoc: 19/13) lest you may write yourselves with your mouth and hand a sin against the Holy Spirit, with Whom the Lord comes on earth and becomes word, and He comes with the saints as it is written for the Lord to come within His coming (1Thess: 3/13; Jude: 1/14; Apoc: 19/14.), and you remember and watch, lest you may write yourselves before Me with the heavies sin, the sin against the Holy Spirit.

Oh, do not rejoice over your rebellion against the truth of My coming as word on earth during this time. Do not rejoice rebelling and having rest in this way. I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, am the Alpha and the Omega, oh, and if you were Mine, My confessors and disciples, you would know that this word of Shepherd is Me, the Shepherd with the cross, Who laid down His life on the cross for the sheep, I, the Lord, about Whom the Scriptures show that I would come and My name is called the Word of God (Apoc: 19/13) and that the Lord is this word, and everything that is not from God collapses and perishes; however, I, the Lord, have been word on the hearth of the Romanian people for almost seventy years by this river of word who gives life to the people, for I am the Shepherd Who gave His life so that the sheep that I shepherd may have life, and you are proud in vain as though you are those who keep the church from this word, which, as it were, is not from God. However, if it is not from God this word of My mouth and which is written on earth after My will, then are you from God? Can you prove this? Oh, I want you to be Mine, but you must prove this, you have to take after Me in your spirit, in your life and faith, and if you are not Mine, then you will know that that you do not know Me and that you are not known by God, and that I do not know where you are from and that is why I am asking you: If this word is not from God, then where are you from? Can you still prove that you are from God if you do not know God in this word?

In your life on earth, if you do not go to school, you do not become a great man under the rulers of the earth. The same is with God. If you do not come to school, to be shepherded, to have a holy growth, fasting and praying, to a gently spirit and humble in your heart, oh, you are not good for God’s holy works among people. Oh, this is how the hierarch Gregory was known as God’s disciple, Christ’s confessor in the midst of the church, for he went to the school of discipleship and became holy and was given the grace of the Holy Spirit, and brought forth rich fruit with his work for Christ and kept the flock from wolves and from the liars hidden under the robe of Christ’s servants, but in fact they distorted the way of the faith. And again, I am now here with this holy bishop around Me, and he is telling Me this:

― Oh, Lord, oh, my Lord, oh, my Shepherd, my Teacher, I learned from You and I loved what You loved then. I was gentle and humbled in my heart in the midst of Your church, but for its protection I was also an ardent protector of the holy laws and of Your church and I stood up with strength of spirit and word and I told them liars, to those who were wolves of flock and from whom I suffered pains and persecution for the keeping of the truth through the church, and You lifted me and gave me a seat of shepherd for my holy zeal, for my good life, for the self-denial with which I walked on the way with You, Lord, and for the fruit brought before You. I was happy for the gift I received from You and with which I could overcome the enemies of Your church, oh, and I want with the heavenly longing that the bishops and the priests of the holy altars on earth to look at me and not work otherwise, for they will be called to give an account for their work, and woe to them if they will not be like You with their work on earth and if they have chosen to be shepherds in Your name!

Oh, Lord, by the name as Your disciple, I have spoken from Your presence on my day of remembrance and I dedicate to You the joy that You have given me now, when you come with Your saints in invisible glory, and who wait at the border ready to reveal themselves to all, oh, and there will be great joy, but also great sadness, and each one will be counted as he will be found, but, Lord, direct to You as many as possible, and turn them to You, to Your joy and Your saints, who wait for Your victory. Amen.

― I, the Lord, do this with the glory of My word, with whom I want to turn many back to the Father and to Me, and many, oh, many of them, to take from My Spirit, oh, because I suffer to see people die like some mere sinners, and I want to protect Romania first and to lift it above, for it has been a Christian country from its beginning, and its beginning is from Me, it is as long as I am on earth, it has been for two thousand years, and I am coming to it, for I have come the second time against the antichrist man and kept the country of My coming from those that are to come with wrath over the earth, to try all people, but also for the protection of the Romanian sons, and I urge them not to receive the seal of the antichrist man, of the one hidden under the veil, (The Vaccine against Covid -19, and then, passport to move freely and buy, r.n.), and which wants to be god over the earth in a high place, only that here, on this hearth, he loses his power and is overcome by the Word of God, the breath of My mouth, he and all his servants. Amen. (2Thess: 2/8)

And as for you, sons of My people, oh, you sons, you shall want nothing more than to be Mine, and I to be yours; to be your love and let it not fail, for it is that, which does not fail when it is, and if love fails, then it is not My love in you, for I did not fall, I did not perish by death on the cross, for this gave Me the entire victory with which I appeared as true God, without death, sons, and he who has Me as his love is eternal like God.

Oh, peace to you, sons! Peace through you over the Christian flock and over My church on the land of the Romanian people, and then all over the earth, where it is waiting for its Lord!

Peace to you, My Romanian, My today’s country!

Oh, stand up, Romanian, to protect your country from the wolves and your faith from the pagans!

Oh, stand up, Romanian sons, and stand watch against the faith and baptism denial, for the antichrist man wants to catch you under this sin, without you knowing it and without you understanding it, so that he may put his black seal, but I, the Lord, am telling you and watching you, I am waking you up and waking up the ministers at the altars to watch for the country, for the faith and for the victory with Christ during this time of great trial as there has never been, as it is written.

Oh, peace to you, My today’s country. You are God’s comfort. Remain on My side, remain Christ’s sons! I am coming to you to be Mine and I am coming because you are Mine, because you are the country of the Lord, Jesus Christ, in the end of the time, and My mystery with you is going to comprise under it soon, soon, the whole earth and all the nations on the earth and we will shine with a great victory, and this is how we will end, and this is how we will begin, and this is how the new beginning will remain, a new heaven and a new earth, I and you, My country, and all those who are like Us, as it is written! Amen, amen, amen.


The Word of God on the First Sunday of the Lent, of the Orthodoxy

I am here above and I am with the heavenly suites, with the saints and angels in groups, and this is how God is coming down with His work on earth.

It is a day of Sunday, it is a feast of faith and of the ancestors of the holy faith, it is the feast of My church, which has filled My heaven of saints by the work and power of faith that raises the people to meet the kingdom of God, which I brought on earth among people once with My coming from the Father two thousand years ago, when I was born a child through the body of a virgin to grow and to be on earth the Son of Man, to perfect among people My work of the Son of God, the Father, the Lord Sabaoth, to sit again on the right side of My Father after My crucifixion and resurrection through the cross and to put to sacred work on earth the mystery and the work of faith that raises saints from among people, as these saints proved and prove God, confessing the One Who made the heaven the earth and man, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, One God within Trinity working among men through His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, with Whom the Father was pleased on earth, for the Father sent Me, and I obeyed, in submission and I came, and then it was to strengthen among the people the mystery of the right faith, the truth that I, Jesus Christ, after the name the Father had given to Me to have on earth, I am the One sent by the Father to man, after he had lost the garden of the paradise because of his disobedience to God, because of insubordination, through the voice foreign to the Lord’s voice, Who was speaking in heaven with the man built by God and placed in heaven, after the Lord had made the heaven, the earth and the man, the visible and invisible things of God’s creation, the greatness, incomprehensible by man, of God’s kingdom over the heaven and earth.

And peace to you as well, people of My word, that feeds you from heaven, as a sign of your faith in God, as a son of His kingdom among people, and you are the son of God for your faith in Him, for your obedience to Him, for how could you be God’s son if you did not listen to Him, if you disobeyed Him, if you worked disobedience as Adam did in paradise and, therefore, he lost God and his parental home, the garden of paradise, in which I, the Lord, was speaking with man and exhorting him in order to protect him from pains, temptations, from his estrangement of God; and because he had listened to a foreign spirit, oh, he lost the kingdom, the house and his rest in paradise and fell on earth, and since then man has always suffered on earth, oh, and then seven thousand years have passed and the Father sent Me again, as He sent Me two thousand years ago after man, for man lost God’s kingdom and the mystery of God’s son, and I came to give him what he had lost in the beginning, and behold, I want to strengthen the work and the mystery of faith upon man, for this means his obedience to God, to the commandments of the eternal life and to their work, the mystery that turns the man back to God, and God’s sons are those who listen to Him on earth and do His will as in heaven, as those in heaven as well, who came from earth into heaven by their love and obedience to God, by their work with which they professed among people faith and the true God of the man who wants to be God’s with his life on earth.

Oh, what do God’s sons on earth? They glorify and confess God and obey Him and His will as those in heaven. They ask in prayer from their Father what they have for their life on earth. They pray for forgiveness when go wrong against the Father as men, and they forgive one another when they go wrong, and ask from the Father’s protection against the tempter, who made man fall from heaven and from his obedience from the Father. Oh, those who do not do this, whose are they? Those who do not love or honor the Father in obedience, oh, to whom do they belong? This is a question for faith and for its confession!

Oh, how beautiful, how beautiful is the man who believes and works in submission God’s will on earth! Oh, how beautifully confesses God such a son, faithful to his Lord! Is there still on earth the faith and the work of the son of the kingdom of the heavens as God requires of the man who believes that God is?

On this Sunday, the first of the Lent, the holy fathers of Christ’s church ordained to be confessed in the churches those who are or were, and those who are not or were not God’s sons and the sons of the church by their work on earth, by their faith or unfaith in the Son of God and in their obedience to Him. My church has two thousand years of holy mystery, of the confession of faith, of the birth of sons through the faith from one to another, of the sacrifice on the altar of the sons of faith, who have laid down their lives for their lack of separation of Christ, of the One Who has left over the church His promise of eternal life of those who love steadfastly to the end the way of the kingdom of heavens, standing by faith against the unfaithful and arrogant adversaries for unbelief, and behold, My church has got armies of confessors in heaven and they support from heaven the struggle of the Christians and the confession of Christ among men on earth, and the Lord is victorious by those who are faithful to Him, through the sons of God, who have the heaven on earth as their homeland and He overcomes with them, with those who are and keep themselves among people as God’s sons, oh, and how beautiful, how beautiful is on earth the man who does God’s will in the midst of the multitude of the people who choose not to listen to God and to His will upon them!

Oh, people of My word, I feed you with the voice of My mouth, as I fed Adam in paradise, and you are to listen and do My will, not your will, not the voice of the foreign voice, lest it may happen to you what it happened to the man in paradise because of his disobedience to God. Oh, it is so sweet for God the man who does the Lord’s will on earth! Woe to satan’s sweetness, who takes delight with his will in the man who listens to the voice foreign to God, and who sneaks stealthily to entice the man to his disobedience for God’s will upon him!

Oh, it is very sweet on earth the man who rejoices the Lord, becoming God’s will among men and confessing My face, My love in man, the man’s faith in God on earth.

Oh, My people, people did not understand My coming on earth two thousand years ago; few of them understood, very few at all. Oh, even today only a few people understand My work with you, My coming to you as word on earth to feed the earth with the word of My mouth during this time, when the time has come to come closer visibly, to come visibly as I said two thousand years ago that I would come to give a holy and sweet reward to those who loved and love My on earth.

Oh, My people, do you see son, do you see why you are so sweet to Me? Oh, son, you should seek more and more sweetly to be for Me, to be like God, so that the son of men may see Me in you, all those who do not choose to do on earth the work of God’s sons, the love of God, My dear people. Oh, you are very little, because you are small in number, but I, the Lord, make you great and give you much strength by your obedience to God, and you only have to take care to remain My son and to be faithful, oh, for a day is coming that will show you to all the people on earth with My time with you, with your walking with Me, with My work, which becomes word into your midst so that My word may be shared all over the earth (Apoc: 14/6) and that I may do My duty and announce all everywhere that I am with you, working and confessing, and that you are My people, My son, faithful to My coming from the Father again after man, oh, and how happy could be the man who takes Me from you as word so that he may do My will, like you, among people, and that he may depart from the spirit foreign to God, which draws the man to satan’s side, that of the man’s disobedience to God, for behold, the flesh overcomes, it overcomes the man, it is stronger than man, it is stronger than God in man, when the Lord would be to overcome through man and not lose the man in His struggle against the man’s flesh, and behold, the man is weak for God and is strong for the opposition against God, and he eats, drinks and fornicates; he swears and smokes, as the devil teaches him to do; he boasts and speaks lies; he kills and steals; he hates the peace that comes from above, that from God; he loves sin in every way possible, and the cup of lawlessness overflows as it has been filled more and more, more and more, and behold, the flesh is the tool which over-comes and draws man to satan’s taste and the Lord loses his struggle against satan in man, when He would be to help man to get rid of his most fierce enemy, the flesh, and here are those who have overcome in their flesh and left the Lord and their walking with Him in the body of a people cared for and led by God and by the mystery of His glory, Who becomes word on earth!

I am looking with pain, I am looking at what it is on earth and at what the antichrist man does through his habits, with which he can do through those who do not love the Lord with their lives and are overcome by satan’s spirit, God’s enemy in man.

It’s Sunday. On Sundays one goes to church, not to the fair, not to walking, not to bed, not to earthly affairs, not to plowing, not to parties, but he rather goes to church, to prayer, for the repentance of his sins. Oh, but now where are you going any longer, you those who know yourselves as Christians through Jesus Christ’s church? Behold, the ministers of the church have forgotten the work, the power of faith and My word, which told the Christians that even if they drink poisonous drinks, they will not be harmed, for they have the faith, the cross, the baptism and the life of the Christian pleased to Me, and all these are God’s seal on those who are Mine among people, but the antichrist man does not like this, for he has prepared his seal, (Apoc: 13/16) which he likes, and even those who are with God on earth want it, but I am telling him this: “Put it on those who are yours, for if you do not listen to God you will lose yours too, those who do not know how great God’s power is!”.

The Christians are coming to ask what to do and how to keep away from those brought by the time, (From the corona virus pandemic, r.n.), and I, the Lord, am telling them what is written in the Scriptures to do now so that they may remain Mine, protected from those who walk on the way to steal from Me those who strive for the life under the cross, under the seal of the man’s salvation.

Oh, one goes to church on Sundays, but behold, the places of prayer and brotherly assemblies have locks on them, and the priests listen to the spirit of disorder, for they are afraid of people and let themselves bought without any price, and they forget, poor of them, that the Lord’s people was protected in Egypt when the angel of death was walking only at those who were God and of His people’s adversaries, and the Lord’s people was under the seal of the lamb’s blood, put on the doorposts and on the lintel, and the evil angel did not come closer to this protecting sign. And behold, the priests of the church are not on God’s side and have their churches empty, for this is what satan likes, who wants to weaken My flock, the Orthodox flock, which he is very much against because it is Mine, it is My invincible way, the way of the cross, and the cross is the sign, under which the sons of God take refuge, for this sign has great power when the Christian places it beautifully with his right hand on his body, declaring God’s name and then the Amen: in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and then Amen, the Father on the forehead, the Son on the chest, and the Holy Spirit on the shoulders, on the left and on the right, and then again Amen to this seal, and behold the protection, the protective seal against satan, who walks with his seal on the way!

you passionately against God’s will, Who has told the man: “Man, love God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul and with all your virtue,” and this is what man has to work on earth, not satan’s will, oh, for I want to overcome satan, I want to turn the man back to his home, for man is My creature, the work of My hands over whom I breathed then and gave him spirit of life, and I wanted him to be My rest, My day of rest and My love in him, and this is what I want the man to be, and he will be, for satan will no longer be, and there will be God and man and the Lord’s will with the man. Amen.

Oh, it’s Sunday, and the Christian man does not go to church. I am looking with grief over this creature of sad story, which prevents man from confessing God and the right faith, which satan opposes very much.

You, priests at the altars, the Lord calls on you again and again! Oh, what are you doing before this time full of lie? Do you really let yourselves be defeated? Oh, get up and stand against satan’s work? Call out to Me to do miracles for you and for the faith! I come, but call on Me to come and work! You too should come to the faith, working of miracles, and which confesses by the power of its work, oh, sons!

And as for you, those who have acceded at the divan of the country, take great care of the country, for there is great danger for you if you do not love your country and people, in whose name you stand up there! Oh, gather together in one though and save the country from the bondage of the foreigners. Your ancestors are waiting for you to stand watch for the country. They were fighting to the last man, for the ancestral land, and behold, you sell it piece by piece to the foreigners, and the country has been filled by those who take little by little of its body as in the time of the war of oppression of the borders and ancestral hearth.

Behold a word from heaven: All gather together in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and enforce protective laws for the land of the country and for the protection of the people enslaved by the foreigners, for behold, the church perishes from its foundation, and woe to the people that does not have My church strong in its land, on its hearth!

Oh, let the people go to the church! Do not let go of satan’s lie that hates Christ’s church and wants it to be lost, thrown down to the ground, and behold, satan and all his servants that do his will rejoice!

Stand up for the country! Pray to God for victory! Do not be afraid of people! Stand steadfastly for the people, not against the people! Love your country and people! Protect this holy land for the Romanian country has the Lord’s voice above it and it also has great destiny from God during these days, as it is an Orthodox country as no one else, it is My country! I love it, I wait for it to be beautiful, to be sought for My glory in it and upon it for God’s will upon it.

Holy Word has been flowing from My mouth on the hearth of the Romanian people for almost seventy years. Come, Romanian sons, come to give power to the Lord’s glory with this country with a holy name, the country of brightness, (Dan: 11/41) the country of the Lord, Jesus Christ, the country of God’s word, Who feeds nations, languages and peoples, as it is written. (Apoc: 14/6)

On a day of Sunday, the Spirit of the Lord is descending above the Romanian land and is freshly blessing the land and the people. The Lord is weeping for the mercy of the people that cannot walk to church (Because of the restrictions imposed by the government at the indications of the “specialists,” r.n.), as this holy custom has been left by the ancestors.

Oh, peace to you, My country! I am comforting you with the word, I am strengthening you with the cross and I am blessing you with the Father! Peace to you! Oh, call out to Me with tears, call Me to come! I want to hear your voice. Oh, call Me! I am coming soon, soon, but you keep on calling Me! Oh, call Me to come! Amen, amen, amen.